Feedback Of Teachers By Students 
  In the columns provided please give your honest openion regarding one of your teachers of this academic year.
Please put a "Tick Mark" against your response.Answer all the numbers.Your response will help teacher in
mainataining and improving the quality of teaching.
  Name Of Teacher: Date: 9/25/2020
  Name Of Subject Taught: Class:
SL No.                                         Qualities                             Evaluation
1. Knowledge of the Subject
2. Confidence in Teaching
3. Punctuality
4. Ability to complete portion in Time
5. Ability to prepare stuents for Examination
6. Ability to make the class Interesting/Lively
7. Encouragement given to students for Higher Studies
8. Encouragement given to students in co-curricular activities
9. Ability to understand students at the personal,emotional
and intellectual levels
10. Ability to listen to the problems of students
11. Dealing with students without partiality
12. Availability of the teacher outside the classroom
13. Special care for weak students(Slow Learners)
14. Special attention for intellectually outstanding students
15. Teacher's help to develop 'Positive Thinking'
16. Teacher's help to develop an attitude of service to the society
17. Teacher's support to keep unity in class room
18. Teacher- An inspiring Person
19. Teacher- A person Of Values
20. Teacher- A Prayerful Person
      Any Other Observations/Suggestions:      
            Submitted By:          

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